Monday, March 17, 2008


Do you know who Ben Underwood is? We found out about him in 2006 when he did this interview with CBS News. As parents of a blind child you can imagine how astounded and encouraged we were.

At any rate, Ben Underwood had retinoblastoma when he was 2 and lost his eyes. Since, he has miraculously taught himself to echolocate by making a series of clicking noises like a dolphin. The videos of him rollerblading & playing basketball are nothing short of amazing.

I was very sad to catch the last bit of a news story on him Friday night that mentioned he is suffering a recurrence of his cancer. He is only 16 years old.


D is just beginning to show signs of echolocating. As I watch him manuver throughout the house he occasionally stomps his foot on the floor to "see" where he is. Even without the stomping he will come close to a wall or table, hesitate, and turn exactly parallel to it and continue walking. I used to have to prompt him to step down when there was a step coming up. Now he takes his cue from his environment. He has already anticipated the stair because I've taken the step already.

I find it amazing that at not quite 3 years old he has begun adapting to his environment in ways that we could never imagine.


Stimey said...

This is really truly incredible. The human ability to adapt is phenomenal.

sarah said...

I am so sorry to hear about Ben's reoccurance. I wish there were something we could do. He is nothing short of amazing.

Sounds like D is on his way to follow in his amazing footsteps. Echolocating is so incredible. Go D!