Monday, March 17, 2008

Belly Button Blues

Before I get to my point here, I want to direct you all to a newcomer to the blogosphere. ClergyGirl has been recently diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer. She is currently going through chemo and could use lots of support and prayers. Why don't you drop in and welcome her.


Some time ago Killer Boob opened the subject of reconstruction scars. She admitted to being underwhelmed by her new navel. Make that two of us. Soooooo underwhelmed.

Isn't it odd that with the huge, patchwork of scars criss-crossing my torso it's the small round one right in the middle that bothers me the most? But, just like Sarah, I was quite fond of my old belly button. It wasn't an inny. It wasn't an outy. It was quite neutral - like Switzlerland. Also, open so as not to collect odd bits of sheet lint.

Now, however, it bears no resemblance to it's former self. It is still neither an inny nor an outy. Nor does it collect any bits of fuzz. But there the similarities end. This new belly button is quite flat. And it has a thick scar all the way around it. It. is. ugly.

Since the day I brought it home from the hospital I've sworn to cover it with a tattoo. I've haphazardly looked for a palatable flower whose nicely placed center would mask this navel's ugliness. I've just not found one to my liking.

The more I stare at my reconstructed and relocated belly button the more it reminds me of something. I don't think I'm imagining it. I would like your opinion.

Here is my belly button.

Isn't it hideous?

And doesn't it look suspiciously like one of these?


Sarah S. said...

Hee Hee. A tatoo sounds like a great idea. keep looking for the right one!

Stimey said...

I dare you.

Imstell said...

Ha, Stimey! Double dog?

WhyMommy said...

Oh, no, no, no! It's clearly a Mars crater!


Oh, maybe that's just me.