Friday, October 26, 2007

The sky bleeds closer to home than before

This is a picture of our sunset shrouded in smoke some 250 miles away from the wildfires burning in southern California. It was taken by Stefanie Henderson. There are some other awesome ones over the ocean here. Amidst such devastation comes such beauty.

Edited to add
I spoke too soon about my family being safe from the wildfires. I thought everyone had moved from the mountain areas long ago. I had forgotten about Mel. He lives in Running Springs near Lake Arrowhead. The last I had heard Running Springs was completely surrounded by fire, all 5100 residence had been evacuated and they didn't know if the town would even survive. Mel is a bus driver. He was at work when the fire broke out. They wouldn't let him back to his home, of course. All he has left are his car and uniform. Thankfully, he, unlike many others, is insured. He'll be alright. It just brings everything really close to home.

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ptesinge said...

Wow. I almost feel guilty thinking how beautiful it is, given where it comes from. Glad you're not any closer to it!

sarah (killerboob)