Wednesday, October 24, 2007

In and out and up and down and uh oh

I've been solo parenting all week while Daddy-O enjoys the solitude of fly fishing on the Trinity River. I must say it's been going remarkably well considering half the state is on fire (thankfully not the half Daddy-O is in) and the smoke induced in yours truly an asthma attack / allergic reaction the likes of which I've never experienced before. Otherwise, the kids have been great and things are going well.

Well, there was this one thing. After I put D to bed the other night he began his nightly Party In My Crib routine. This usually involves a lot of jumping and screaming in glee and the throwing of bottles across the room. After a few minutes I heard his door knob turn and his sweet little voice say "Open da door." as he stepped out into the hall. I had forgotten to put the side of his crib up and he had climbed out of his crib. !!! WTF? So part of me was all proud of my little blind boy for making it out of his crib, clear across his room to his door, opening it & walking to the living room without a hitch. The other part of me was screaming all sorts of denials that I'm not ready for a big boy bed or dealing with a toddler that can't be contained when & where I wish!!! Ahhhhhhh! My life is over!

Then tonight it got worse. Tonight the boys took a shower together as usual. B was being helpful and dried D off when they got out then put him in his room. I heard D jumping on his trampoline while I was finishing up an email. Pretty soon D was calling out to me those magic words every parent loves to hear, "Mama, I got poopies." When I walked in his room my heart sank. I freaked out. I didn't quite know what had happened. There D was, standing buck naked in his crib, with the side down. And he had poopies. Lots of poopies. And he'd been jumping alright but not on his trampoline.

Of course, my first reaction was to get mad at B. But he swears he didn't put him in there. D must have climbed into his crib. I ask you, what kind of sick child climbs into his crib? Then poops? Then jumps in it and squishes it between his freshly showered toes and all over his laundered blankets? And just for good measure (and I'm guessing because he didn't like how it felt between his toes) wipes it on the inside wall of is crib and lets if fall down between the mattress & the frame?

And the more important question here is how am I going to make Daddy-O make it up to me when he finally gets home?


ptesinge said...

Oh Stella -
What a nightmare! It's hysterical too (considering I didn't have to clean it), but focus onhow funny it will be when you get to tell him the story of what he did years and years from now. It'll be great. (How's that for looking for a silver lining?!)

I'm so glad to hear that everyone's a little underwhelmed by that bit (well, glad for me, not you). I can't wait to find out what you decide to do with the belly button!

sarah (killerboob)

WhyMommy said...

ROFL! What a story! I'm with you ... I'm not sure whether I'd laugh or cry ... or be so very proud of my big kid climbing out of the crib all by himself!


Anonymous said...

This made me laugh. I have a lot of experience with poop all over the place. I especailly liked your last line
"And the more important question here is how am I going to make Daddy-O make it up to me when he finally gets home?"

You are a wise, wise woman. I need to learn from you.

canape said...

I'm laughing, but fearing my turn all at the same time.

Oh my.