Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Name them one by one

I believe that this afternoon at 6:00 pm est WhyMommy will be on Fox5 news talking about Inflammatory Breast Cancer at this link. It's not up yet so I hope I've got it right. She will also be live blogging on Toddler Planet so go check it out.


In completely un-cancer-related news... Holy Hell, the whole damn state's afire! Seriously, folks, it's bad. Very bad. Thank the good Lord my family (grandparents, aunts, uncles & cousins) are all on the back side of the fire line. Once the winds shift the fire will burn in their direction but there will be no fuel so it should be over relatively quickly by that point. They are not in any danger this time. But there have been plenty of wildfire seasons that have seen me white knuckled with the radio tuned to AM news all day waiting for fire updates.

I cannot fathom 1300+ families without homes... and more to come before it's over, I'm sure. And arson. Arson. Does human depravity have no limits?

So, I count my blessings today.

I am blessed to have such a sympathetic sounding board among my internet friends. My blessings include well-paying jobs for both Daddy-O and myself and a healthy dose of debt to remind us not to spend too much. I am blessed with my health when other's find theirs failing. And I am blessed with my small house seemingly so overcrowded with toys, people, possessions and love when so many have lost so much. What makes you feel blessed?

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WhyMommy said...

Your love and support blesses me....

I'm glad that your family is safe. What a terrifying turn of events.