Friday, March 27, 2009

"You FOUND me!"

My 3 year search is over! I'm done pounding the pavement, er, telephone lines, every year in hopes of finding some benevolent entity locally to help make Beeper Eggs.

This time of year my Mother Feathers always begin ruffling over the normal kid things that Danny misses out on because of his blindness. Seeing the riot of color that are spring flowers calling to be tromped on or picking a haphazard array of beautiful weeds for Mommy to place in the window sill. Running across an open field. Searching the grass, under bushes and in low tree branches for the ever-elusive Easter eggs.

Mostly the Easter egg hunting, though. It's a purely childhood delight the likes of which Danny has never truly known. Every year we have a big hunt at VaVa's house. Danny dutifully participates without ever "getting" what's going on. I imagine in his child's mind he is being led on a fast stroll through the yard to the music of his cousins' running feet and squeals of delight while being urged to "look over here" or "oh, see what we've found" and a plastic egg is dropped in his basket.

Usually he is excited. Sometimes overwhelmed. Very typical of his age even if the entire experience is not. But there is never the understanding of our true charter: the discovering and devouring of chocolate and sugary goodies hidden in stealth by the Easter Bunny.

Well, this year, my friends, will be different for my son. This year a company (Quaps, I think) has mass marketed the solution to the blind child's Easter Egg Hunt dilemna! They are called the Hide 'em & Find 'em Eggs.

Aren't they cute??? They are quite hi-tech. You hide them and push the little button. For the next 30 minutes they will call out 5 different phrases and 3 different sound effects including: "I'm hiding," and "I'm over here!" Best of all, when you open the little egg, a bunny or a chick pipes up and says, "You FOUND me!"

I am all atwitter with anticipation of this Easter. Family, ham, potatoe salad, an Easter egg hunt and a small slice of normalcy.


Kim said...

That made me cry.....Danny is so lucky to have you as his mom.

Spruce Hill said...

Oh Stella that is so great! I can't to hear about how it turns out! :)

marybeth said...

Such a great idea. Every year we still seem to have eggs that are never found until days later!!!

Karen said...

What a fabulous idea. Ihope Danny enjoys his hunt this year.