Monday, September 1, 2008

Because Daddy-O is a complete dork

I am irritated with Daddy-O. I went grocery shopping last night and spent, well, an ungodly amount of money, as per usual. We had discussed having BBQd chicken for dinner. But because it was already late I also bought fixin's for burgers which are so much quicker. We agreed to have BBQ Chicken the next night - tonight. I had bought two picnic (bulk) packs of drumsticks and thighs which I break down into two meals each. I marinate them before I freeze them so they are already prepped when I take them out of the freezer. Since it was late I gave Daddy-O the bulk packs of chicken to put in the garage refrigerator until I had a chance to break them down today.

At dinner time I went to grab them. They were sitting snuggly in the freezer. Still in bulk. Still unmarinated. Not ready for BBQing.

The pizza was delicious.

In order to NOT take my irritation out on my husband who was obviously not paying attention when I was speaking to him, I will instead, post evidence of his dorkiness for all the world to see. Because he also does not read my blog as my words have very little meaning to him. (I only believe this a little bit).

For your viewing pleasure:

Exhibit One:
The dork on the left is Squatter Dog and the one on the right is Daddy-O. The following pictures are from their July trip to Yosemite. Don't ask me to explain any of them because I can't even begin to...

Exhibit Two:

Exhibit Three:
I believe this would be posed...

Exhibit Four:
This is the whole crew: (r to l) Daddy-O, nameless friend, Gary, Squat, Mark. Otherwise known as The Marmots.

OK. No more dorkiness. Here are the spectacular photos taken on their trip.

Daddy-O tying his fly line.

Beautiful! Taken by Mark.

One of my favorites! Two marmots enjoying the view!

What I say to Daddy-O if he sees these pictures on the Internet!



On a completely different weekend...

This is Ben's first lake fish. He caught it completely by himself. It's a big mouth bass. It took us a while to convince Danny that his brother hadn't caught a "bat", however. Apparently, someone needs to learn to enunciate.

And that concludes our photographic presentation. Thanks for viewing.


sarah said...

Ha! I always love seeing that my man isn't the only one who doesn't even do a good job of PRETENDING to listen!

Karen said...

How male is that!
Just love those photos of the trip - that scenery is magic. Don't know about the hikers