Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Three for Three

Well, hey there. How've you been? I have been so danged busy I haven't even had time to think, let alone post to my blog or even read a blog. It's been lonely out here in the real world what with all the dishes & the temper tantrums and such. It's so peaceful in the blogosphere... ya know.

So, anywho. Reality hit me right up side the head this morning in the form of a Prayer Warrior request from my Grammy. You might remember my cousin I've told you about. The one that was originally diagnosed with MS which she did not have. And after three years ended up in a wheel chair without the use of any extremities. Well, last I had heard they thought perhaps she had had a stroke.

After extensive testing by her very own diagnostician they believe she has the very rare condition, Primary Cerebral Vasculitis. It is not so good. They are treating her with many different things, one of which is chemo. That's three women in my family in three years if anyone is keeping score.

Bless her heart, she is going to lose the glorious head of wild Italian hair I have envied my whole life.

My heart bleeds for her.

Pray for her doctors, please. Pray for a cure.


Sarah S. said...

I will keep her in my prayers. We missed you out here in cyberland! :)

Michele said...

Hi Stella, welcome home =) I am sorry to hear of your cousin and will certainly keep her in our prayers.

sarah said...

I do promise to do that. I'v had her in my thoughts from time to time.

By the by, the link about the illness doesn't work, just FYI.

I'm off to google it now. Hugs to the family!

Imstell said...

Thanks for the tip about the link.