Friday, January 18, 2008

When it rains it pours

It's been a rough week for some people I know.

My cousin has finally seen her specialist, her very own "Dr House". She definitely does not have MS. He thinks it might have been a stroke 3 years ago that caused her problems. He believes there may still be a partial blockage or a slow blood leak that is causing her to continue to decline. She will be undergoing a large battery of tests and will get the results next month.

When she heard "House's" diagnosis she turned to her mother and said in a very small voice, "You mean I'm going to stay like this forever?" It just breaks my heart.


The best man at our wedding, Steve, lost his father last weekend. Daddy-O and I went to his memorial service on Wednesday. Though I had only met Bill a time or two, it was one of the more difficult services I've been to. And also one of the more enjoyable. Bill was a larger-than-life man. He packed the house and brought out the best in everyone. I'm sorry I didn't know him better.


Perhaps worst of all, is Judy. She has been recently diagnosed with IBC. That's hard enough to deal with when you're the mom of a 6 year old. But today she received some particularly difficult news. She could use some support.

And I'd be grateful if you added them all to your prayers.

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Judy said...

Much love to you.