Thursday, February 28, 2008

Liar, liar, pants on fire! plus video!

Help! I need the blogosphere's sage opinion.

Last night B lost his 2nd front tooth. Well, as I've mentioned before, B is a proud possessor of the Portuguese Packrat Gene. So, of course, he always wants to keep his lost teeth and NOT give them to the Tooth Fairy. This has always surprised me. It seems in direct opposition to his love of money. In this case, however, genetics must win out. The need to horde completely worthless items is so strong that the Tooth Fairy has only managed to lay hands on one of four baby teeth.

Daddy-O and I may have made a fatal mistake with the last baby tooth that came out a few weeks ago. It was an upper front tooth. An important tooth. (We tried to shoot it out with a Nerf gun but B chickened out. We did manage to make it work for the one he lost last night but that is another story. ) At any rate, he really, really wanted to keep the tooth for sentimental reasons. Bah! Only my kid! So he wrote a note to the Tooth Fairy & explained very poignantly how important it was to him & asked if he might not keep the tooth & still get paid. And the Tooth Fairy stupidly agreed.

Back to last night. Be actually managed to NOT chicken out on the launching of his loose tooth. We tied a string to said tooth. Tied the other end of the string to a nerf dart which was then placed into a Nerf gatling gun. B then shot the dart into the front door. The offending tooth was ripped out of his mouth! It was AWESOME! And all caught on film. Which I will post tonight for your viewing pleasure. No. Please don't thank me.

As you can imagine, though, being his first gatling-gun-shot-tooth, there was a higher-than-normal amount of sentimental attachment to said tooth. So, once again, he penned a letter to the Tooth Fairy asking to keep his tooth. He's obviously got her pegged as an easy mark by now and thinks to keep the tooth and score some loot. I tried to warn him that she wasn't going to let him keep getting away with that. But B just shrugged it off.

So, I went to bed without any clandestine visits to the Bunkbed From Hell (you just try to get under a pillow on the top bunk without waking a kid when they collect C-R-A-P next to their head. Lesson: Don't move your kids to a bunkbed until they have lost all their teeth.).

B gets up this morning & tells me that, indeed the Tooth Fairy had left him his tooth AND a dollar and some change. Imagine my surprise! I know it wasn't Daddy-O because he has been in bed with the flu since Monday night. (Ugh! My home life sucks in so many ways right now! But that is another post!) Unless there really is a Tooth Fairy, my child out & out LIED right. To. My. Face.

My question to you, blogosphere, is this: What do I do about it?

Do I just ignore the lie & let the Tooth Fairy persona live on?

Do I call him on it outright & blow the whole Tooth Fairy thing sky high?

Do I call him on it & say that somehow the Tooth Fairy let me know that she didn't give him any money?

It goes completely against my grain to just let him get away with a lie - particularly a blatant one! But I also don't like to prematurely dispell childhood illusions... I am so torn. Daddy-o, in typical man fashion, is no help and has simply deffered to me. So I will deffer to you! Ha!

Help me Blogiwan! You are my only hope!


As promised earlier... video of B shooting his tooth out with his Nerf gun.

Isn't that cool!!??? Totally ignore Daddy-O in the background. He's on my list right now.

After talking with people all day about the Tooth Fairy Incident my friend at the pharmacy came up with a great solution. She suggested having the Tooth Fairy write B a letter claiming knowledge of the lie. Genius. Pure genius!!!

I had someone at work write the note so as not to have my handwriting recognized. And here it is...

So what do you think??? I'll put it on his bed tonight. Now for the real question...

What in the hell will I do if B DOESN'T confess his lie???


sarah said...

Oh my god stella. I have never dereived such pleasure from anyone else's kids! (Certianly not ones I've never met!)

I am not a mother, so I wouldn't consider myself a wise person to ask. But while I'm here...since you've asked...I would tell him that you and the Tooth Fairy had a chat, so you *know* she didn't leave any money.

I think it's possible to teach him a lesson without the added drama of shattering a childhood dream (besides, if he's upset about the shock of losing the Tooth Fairy, will he even be able to focus on the real issue? :-)

Let us know what happens!

Stimey said...

I have absolutely no advice for you, but I am eagerly awaiting the next episode of the Tooth Fairy Saga!

sarah said...

My friend Amy (who also enjoyed thissstory) said that you should "play happy" for your little one that the TF left him money and take him out to spend it. That way he has to cough up the dough or be caught without it.

Gretchen said...

I second Sarah's suggestion!

mb said...

I do not think that I would call him on the lie. Play along with him - it may be a test anyway. This way when he does find out that she is not real he does not ask why you called him on a lie when in fact you were lying about her existence.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

LOL, now THAT is a tough one to figure out! Thanks for pointing me over here!