Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy Birthday, Daddy-O, Thanks for the buzz!

Pardon the posting while buzzed... but today is Daddy-O's 41st birthday. We just got back from a great dinner and drinks with friends we don't see often enough these days. There were about 20 of Daddy-O's friends from his soccer days. I always love to see them. But one particular guy, Chris, is not so much a friend of Daddy-O's as a friend of his friend's... and also a guy I used to work with.

We were just acquaintances when we worked together... we BS'd when we ran across each other & talked smack/flirted with a marked lack of seriousness. Then I was diagnosed with cancer... I had no idea he had connections to my non-professional life at the time. When I ran into him as a groomsman at a good friend's wedding I was pleasantly surprised. Actually, I felt a bit on the spot when his fiance (that I didn't know existed) came upon him partially undressed while showing me his tattoos. Actually, it's pretty incredible that he has a worthy (where worthy = life-altering) story behind each and every one of them.

So, at any rate... Chris was there tonight. And after I had a few glasses of wine he confided in me that my attitude when I was going thru chemo is what helped him thru his grandfather's death from cancer. I guess his grandfather (who was more like a father to him) was dying about the time I was under treatment.

I was really too buzzed (yeah for me!!!) to catch all the details of the story (so sorry, Chris). But the general gist was that I (where I= my general attitude) was an, encouragement, help, amusement, whatever, that helped him get thru those trying days. Whatever, I'm so glad I could help.

I love hearing things like that. It makes me feel like my chemo was all about them. And that's not as bad as it sounds. I prefer that it was about them than me. I guess I'm too buzzed, does that make sense?



You are still the best gift receiver I've ever met. I think that's why I married you. We are the perfect marriage of a gift-giver and good-receiver. Thanks for always making it a great time for all.

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sarah said...

It makes great sense and I totally agree.

By the way, happy birthday Daddy-O!