Wednesday, December 19, 2007

E is for Egg

D is smart. Already he knows his alphabetical What Is For Whats. He doesn't realize he's smart, though we tell him so all the time. Don't tell B, but D is way ahead of the game comparatively speaking.

What I really love is that D's letter comparisons aren't the typical ones as pictured on flashcards and alphabet lines in classrooms all across America. Some of them are, but most are the things that are important in D's non-visual little world.

The Alphabet According To D

A is for apple
B is for banana
C is for cheese /car /cane /candy / cookie
D is for drum (said while grinning widely and squirming with glee)
E is for egg
F is for french fry
G is for guitar!!!
H is for <insert gulping noise here> "h" doesn't rate, apparently
I is for ice cream !!! (duh)
J is for juice
K is for cookie (we've had many arguments about this - but he's adamant)
L is for lemonade
M is for Momma
N is for Nana / no
O is for beep, beep (toddlerspeak for "next")
P is for piano
Q is for drum!
R is for drum!
S is for Sydney / swing
T is for trike /truck / tire swing
U is for drum!
V is for vacuum!!! / violin
W is for vacuum
X is for vacuum
Y is for yes
Z is for zerbert

See how savy he is. Just look how many letters he has for drum and vacuum. Mark my words, the ladies will find that quality most impressive later in life. And "z is for zerbert"? What better use of that letter, I ask you, than a sloppy, noisy, squishy, wet, kissy, neck thing? Pure genius.

I think you can see why we've decided to enroll him in preschool in January. Clearly he is a prodigy but every raw talent needs molding and direction. Plus, he's never really played with kids his own age before. I hope he doesn't pinch them.


Stimey said...

Totally a prodigy. What a great list!

Sherry said...

Stella, I love this list. I love that he's adamant that K is for cookie!! Drums and vacuums are big in his life, and definitely pre-school -- it's time. He'll love being with other kids and if pinches? He won't do it more than once I bet!!!

Anonymous said...

Z is for Zerbert. Love it! What a great kid -- he'll do great!