Wednesday, June 13, 2007

See my boo boo

Folks, liposuction is brutal!!! I can't believe people volunteer - no, pay copious amounts of money, for this. Although, it really doesn't hurt like it looks like it should.

So, in case you haven't guessed, my surgery is over and I'm bruised but feeling fine. I'm pleased as punch with the new "girls". They don't have nips yet but I can wait. At least they're the same size now. Woo hoo! M hasn't seen them yet. I think he'll be impressed.

Can I just say - if anyone out there in cyberspace is considering implants - GO WITH SILICONE!!! Holy mole do they feel natural. The saline ones are pretty hard. Imagine a water balloon versus a boob-shaped stress ball. So lovin' the natural feel.

While I was off at
UCLA letting Dr. F have magic marker fun on my torso here's what the boys were doing... Just look at my little Brown Berries. Don't they look like they've been sunnin' and funnin' all summer long? And here it is only mid-June.

And here's my favorite little blind boy. Just look at the way he handles his stick! Admit it... you love him too.

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