Thursday, June 28, 2007

If my children EVER say something like that...

Is it just me or does Ann Coulter need to be taught some manners?

I try not to discuss politics in public forums - watercooler talk aside (because everyone knows that while one is being paid to work is a fine time to define one's political beliefs based on the opposing views of disagreeable co-workers). That being said, what the hell is the matter with Ann Coulter? Didn't anybody ever tell her it was impolite to wish someone dead? I mean, really.

Sure, call them a faggot. Accuse them of using their childs untimely death to further their political career. Then, just wish they'd been killed in a terrorist attack. Sounds pretty reasonable to me.

I know politics is a dirty business. I'm pretty suspicious of most people who choose to enter politics anyway. I figure there really must be a fundamental flaw in a politician's make up if they've managed to get anywhere in public office (like chronic liar or thief or something equally unsavory offset by antichrist-like charisma). That's why, for the most part, I try to ignore all the mud-slinging that goes along with it. But this woman has sunk to a new low.

I am profoundly offended at Ann Coulter's comments. Whether she disagrees with John Edward's politics or not, her hateful comments harken back to the very roots of 9/11. Wishing someone dead... worse, wishing someone had "died in a terrorist attack." Is there any worse thing to wish on someone... and not just that someone but his whole family? Truely, I'm sickened.

And for the Edward's stand on the situation... I applaud it. Elizabeth Edwards' reaction as a mother was completely appropriate. Were Ann Coulter a school mate of my son, I would have called her mother immediately. Eh, but then again, I'm sure she learned that behavior somewhere.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should have taken the time to get the whole comment she made in context before you spouted off.

Imstell said...

Anonymous - I did get the quote in context. As distasteful as Coulter is, at least she takes responsibility for her words. You might want to consider leaving your name/email before YOU spout off next time.