Thursday, November 5, 2009

Danny's Song

Danny had a substitute aide at preschool last week.  Her name was Carrie, I think.  She certainly made an impression on him in that single day!  He talks about her all the time. 

When I dropped him off at preschool today his teacher gave me a piece of paper with notes that Carrie had taken while talking to my little man.  She titled it Danny's Song.  I should really take a cue from her and compile his ramblings on paper, too, lest they be lost forever. 

Here for your enjoyment and insight, I give you Danny's Song.

(While sitting on the couch in class)

I'm sitting on a sofa Sunday afternoon.
When the music is playing
That is why we are clapping
Because we love the music.
I just want to be where it sounds good.

Pickles are good for me.
They are good brain food.

I just caught one fish!

I want to get under the table
so I won't see you.

They are just good stuff.
They talk about happy things.
I like to think about dreams
It makes them come true.


whymommy said...

Go, Danny!

That's pretty cool.

Plus, I love your new header and blog "look." Fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh my - I love the poems / songs.

And, your son on a pony - priceless! I hope he enjoyed this - one of the fun things of childhood.