Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Glimpse into a Boy's Life

The boys are at their VaVa's this week. That's Portuguese for Grandma. It's probably a very good thing that we're all getting a bit of space from each other because Ben has been in more trouble in the last few weeks then ever before.

Daddy-O and I have been so very disappointed in his actions. And stymied as to what to do with him. We have struggled with stomping out the unacceptable behavior with out squashing his spirit and individuality. I have no idea if we are having any success. It sure doesn't feel like it sometimes. Some days it's too hard to see the forrest for the trees.

Today I downloaded the pictures off Ben's camera. As I scrolled through them I was struck by how much is revealed by the moments one chooses to capture on film. Er, memory card. Each photo, each memory persisting through time, offers a personal view from the photographer's perspective. I was pleasantly surprised to meet the developing individual that lives in my son's body. Below are some of Ben's photos...

Behold Ben's skateboard. The first major purchase selected all on his own. Showing only his style. Also, his first foray into living beyond his means as he has to work off it's cost by helping Daddy-O.

This is Sydney, our late cat. He entered our lives when I was pregnant with Ben and has been central to our family ever since. We recently had to have him put down from cancer. It was heartbreaking for all of us. Ben chose to take many pictures of him in his last weeks. I like this one particularly well for it's unique perspective - Ben putting himself on Sydney's level.

Meet one of Ben's friends. I'm told he is "pretending to fart." This is such a quintessential "boy" picture. There were also a number of videos that went with this picture but I thought to spare you.

And here's Mr. Cool himself. Suave moves and pick-up lines are just beginning to formulate in the mists of an 8 year old boy.

Here's a photo too juicy not to post. (Sorry, Nana.) Can you sense the developing comedian?

Legend rents Nana's pasture. I'd like to think Ben saw a beautiful creature and wanted to capture his image... But something tells me it wasn't the warm glow of sunlight on Legend's hindquarters that prompted the photo...

I have no idea where this one came from but it's nice. He has a decent eye.

I can't tell you how many of these little buggers I caught as a kid. I remember them a bit bigger, though...

Taken from the window of Nana's van on the way to... Nevada... would be my guess. I love his color selection.

..... And, he's eight again!

I like this shot because he captured a teen-aged relationship perfectly. Devotion. Energy. Life.

The bunker Ben and his friend built out of left over sod in the lot next door.

Sydney and Ben

These last two are my favorites. They show great promise as a photographer. This is Sassy. I love his composition.

And this one is taken from our front yard, I think. I believe I will blow it up for the livingroom.

I have a new appreciation for the person who is my son after seeing the world from his point of view. It's almost as good as reading a diary...


laurie said...

You really do get quite the snapshot (ahem) of Ben via these photos. This post really moved me. I loved the self-portraits because of the personality they show. I love the composition of all the shots and I love the images of the things that are important to him. Thanks to you and to Ben for sharing.

Karen said...

Isn't it amazing to look at things that are important from a child's perspective. He is such a 9 year old boy on some of them - but in others his ability to tell a show is way above his years. He has the makings of a great photographer - must have got it from his mum.

Anonymous said...

Hey that's great. Is really is a cool insight into your son's warld. ANd the cat shot is just awesome.