Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pardon me while I dust off the cobwebs...

Phew! Things get really dusty around here when no one's around!

Ah. That's better. Now, where was I? Ah, yes... I was having a birthday. Well, hell. That seems sooooo long ago.

You might be happy to know that I've made a mid-year's resolution. (Perhaps I'll be able to better ward off the New Year's Resolution Jinx this way.) I have resolved to renew my blogging. This past 6 months or so has been very stressful for me for no particular reason that I can determine (other than life, itself). Writing has always helped me sort through my feelings of anger, frustration, fear and inadequacy. For my own mental health, and the sanity of my family, I am back.


Today I would like to direct your attention to an interesting headline I ran across this morning.

1. Breast cancer treatments impact work status. Well, now. There's a news flash! And worse yet, the article was not much more enlightening.


In other news, I am reading my internet friend and co-blogger at Mothers With Cancer, Laurie Kingston's book, Not Done Yet: Living Through Breast Cancer. Laurie blogs over at Not Just About Cancer. I am sooooo loving her book and will be writing a review shortly.


Lastly, as our typical summer would have it, my boys are having an extended visit at Nana's house. I really miss them. In theory. Does it make me a bad mom if I'm content to just hear their voices and see the occasional smiling pictures but don't long to have them back home?

I've pondered this question a lot lately. They've been gone 11 days today. Maybe it's because I know this respite has a finite time period; that they'll be back, larger than life, soon enough. Maybe it's because I welcome the peace that has settled over my house in the last 11 days. Maybe it's because Daddy-O and I realized this week that we don't fight when we don't have kids. We love each other when we don't have kids.

We will attempt to remember that once we DO have kids again.

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Kim said...

I'm glad you're back. I love your honesty. Enjoy your time while the boys are away....and it's totally OK to feel that way. You rock. Kim