Friday, November 14, 2008


Yesterday I received a very flattering email requesting the use of one of my Flickr photos for a web article on Now Public. I know it's the internet so it's not really the same as being published in real life... but it thrilled me beyond belief that someone, anyone, would think one of my pictures was good enough to include on their website. I'm horribly needy that way.

Of course, it's one of my Yosemite pictures. It's very hard to take a bad picture of one of God's better creations - so I can't take much of the credit. The article is on the 50th anniversary of the first ascent of El Cap. There is a photo essay along with the article.

Go check it out if you're interested. Be sure and comment on any of the photos you find compelling. I can tell you that the photographers will squee with delight!!