Friday, November 14, 2008

Does anyone have any whiteout?

Have you seen this? My man, Obama is setting a high bar for his staff. He wants every applicant to detail every blog post, web comment, web alias, social networking page, etc. on their 9 page applications. Please provide URLs and printed copies if readily available.

Holy Blogosphere, Batman!

Call it Big Brother (and I'm sure many will), call it micro-managing or, better yet, none of his business... but the man is crazy smart! Other Presidents have been caught in politically embarrassing situations regarding staff or nominees when their online opinions have come to light. Why should someone working for the President of the United States not be subjected to the same scrutiny any other job applicant? Prospective employers routinely Google their applicants.

Although, to be fair, I do not think it's appropriate for him to ask if an applicant owns a gun and please provide legal registration. That falls under the "none of your damn business" category.

Right now, I'm just grateful I had no aspirations to work in the Obama Administration. The mere thought of trying disappear my Internet presence, or worse, actually having to willingly hand over hard copy of my blogosphere bantering... Gah! My insides turn to curdled milk at the very thought.

Wow! This must be a record number of postings for me! I am just all full of things to say to the blogosphere when Daddy-O isn't home to listen to me. Heh!


marybethvolpini said...

I guess we better not comment on the post at MWC about sex!!!

Imstell said...

Too late! I already did.