Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Why I am celebrating this October

Am I celebrating because today is my first boyfriend's birthday? (Happy Birthday, Troy!)

Nope. I got over that looooong ago. Strange though, that I still remember his birthday every single year. It's been 38 years for cripe's sake. (What kind of word is "cripe", anyway? I think I need a better vocabulary.) But, I digress.

Am I celebrating because it's the Federal Government's Fiscal New Year and I hardly have any work to do? You betcha! Yet, still not the reason I'm posting.

Is it because my Candidate O'Choice, Barak Obama, has widened his lead over McCain and his less-than-qualified VP pick to a whopping 14%?

Oh, no. There will be no celebrating yet. I hear there is a little thing called the Bradley Effect (when voters are too ashamed to tell opinion pollsters how they really feel) and I'm not going to tempt the fates. But if it wasn't for that little anomaly possibility... I'd be doing the happy dance all over the place.

No. I am celebrating because I have just received a clean bill of health from my oncologist!

Two Years. No cancer. No Evidence of Disease. Blood work all normal.

Triple Negative Inflammatory Breast Cancer. On Breastcancer.org, Dr. Gabriel Hortobagyi, F.A.C.P says that with current neo-adjuvant treatments for IBC, "about one in three patients with inflammatory breast cancer will survive five years, and the great majority of those who do are probably cured of their inflammatory breast cancer. (here's the good part) Most of the recurrences of inflammatory breast cancer have been very early, within the first couple of years."

Dr. Thomas Buchholz, also on Breastcancer.org, agrees. "It is true that if IBC were to recur, it tends to reoccur earlier compared to non-IBC breast cancer. For example, non-IBC breast cancer can even recur a decade after treatment. This would be very, very unusual for patients with IBC."

What do you think? Is that enough reason to celebrate this October?

October 2006 - Mexico

Two Years Cancer Free and counting...


Stimey said...

Congratulations! Definitely celebration worthy!

Aurora said...

Rock ON, Girl!!! :D

(Although it kind of scares me that I, too, still remember Troy...and that it's been THAT long ago!)

Wait a minute. You were always precocious--but unless you had ANOTHER Troy who was your first bf...when you were FOUR, it's only been 28 years. Which is still rather scary, but not as bad as 38! :P)

Whew. I feel better now.

And couldn't be happier for you, my friend. :)

sarah said...

That's a breathlessly good reason to celebrate. It makes my day, in fact. I'm happy for a friend to have another great anniversary.

Imstell said...

Aurora - Indeed, only 28 years ago. Whew! I was really beginning to feel old, too!

BTW, he never really changed. In & out of youth facilities/jail... Last I spoke to him (10 years ago) via phone he still sounded worthless.

That being said, I bet he's still a joy to look at. ;-)

Stimey and Sarah - Thanks for caring. ;-)

whymommy said...


Am dancing happy dances with you.

Aurora said...

Poor guy. I always wondered if he'd straightened himself out or not...

He always made me think of Jekyll and Hyde--he started off so very sweet and cool--and then wound up being a big jerk. :( (But yeah, I bet he's a yummy looking jerk--they always aren, aren't they? ;))

I'm happy to have given you 10 years of your life back, though! :P I'm still no better with math than I ever was...but I'm 41...and somehow 38 just sounds WAY too close to that for it to have made sense. ;)

marybethvolpini said...

Congratulations. Celebrate! Celebrate!! Celebrate!! You look great by the way. I do hope we get to meet one day.