Thursday, October 16, 2008

Of Childhood Rituals...

I got Danny's pony pictures back from the preschool today. They are adorable. Is there ever a bad Pony Picture, though? Of course, I had to pull out Ben's pony pictures from when he was 3 years old. They look nothing alike.

Ben was a smiling and blond - the quintessential Good Guy. Danny is solemn and dark. Not so much the Bad Guy as the Bad Boy. The cloudiness in his eyes gives them a smoldering, smokey look... if you can overlook the one that's looking the wrong way, that is.

Ben on Nugget 2003 / Danny on Cupcake 2008

Hopalong Cassidy / Black Bart

I'm also struck by how sad Danny looks. And also, how good looking both my boys are (not that I'm biased or anything) even though they look completely different.

Am I the only Mom who sees a good picture of her kid and loves them that much more for it? Maybe I love them more in pictures than in person? I kid, of course. But they sure are quieter in photos...


Stimey said...

I love my kids more when they're sleeping.

Your boys are both very handsome.

Aurora said...

I think people, in general, love people more, in a good photo--a good photo lets you see only the best, the most endearing, the most lovable things about that person. For a moment, they're nothing but a beautiful ideal--and your heart swells with love and affection.

Reality is always much messier, and thus, causes more mixed feelings--love and joy and a feeling of belonging, yes, but mixed up with irritation, exasperation, and unmet expectations.

Good photos are very powerful. That's a big part of why I do portraits now--I love giving that gift to people! :)

And you are so right...your boys are beautiful--each in his own way. Ben actually looks like you, in that picture--the shape of his chin, and the way his smile reshapes his face....something about it just reminds me of you.

You are so blessed to have two such lovely kiddos! :)