Sunday, October 5, 2008

Deja vu

Ben re-broke his wrist last night while at a sleepover at his friend's house. For those of you keeping score, he just got to take his splint off from the first broken wrist last Friday.

He and his two buddies were screwing around on the top on a bunk bed. They had been told to get down three times. Ever the good listener, Ben got down quickly... by falling from the top bunk onto one of those rolling drawers that goes under the bed. Both the drawer and his wrist came away slightly worse for wear.

Unfortunately for Ben, it is no mere buckle fracture this time around. He appears to be working his way right up the Broken Bone Scale and is the proud owner of a gen-u-ine Greenstick Fracture. That means that one side of the bone has broken and one side is bent.

This is Ben's actual xray. The yellow arrow points to the break (on the top side of his forearm) and the red arrow shows the bend on the other side of the bone. The milky white line (not pointed out by a convenient arrow) spanning the bone just above the break is the old buckle fracture which has healed.

Perhaps he will learn a lesson from this incident about listening. Yeah, right.

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