Friday, August 8, 2008

Look how big Ben got over the summer! I have been trying to upload other pictures but the stupid free wi-fi at the KOA won't let me.

We're in Cascade Locks outside of Portland. It's a nice campground, sort of. But there is a RR track about 50 yards from our cabin (and my Uncle's tent). The RR wouldn't be bad except they blow their whistle directly behind us. All. Night. Long. The train whistle sounded no less than 6 times between 10:30 and 7:00 last night.

We are seeing such beautiful country. The vacation is awesome! But true to form, both boys have gotten sick. Listening to Danny whine and cry for 10 hours had everyone's nerves on edge.

The reunion starts today. All my extended family is beginning to arrive. This poor KOA may never be the same...

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karen said...

I'm sorry, it just sounds funny to hear you say "wi-fi at the KOA"! Hope you get used to the train and have fun!