Monday, August 11, 2008

Credit where credit is due

Education is important. So is dependability. Both are valued by employers but usually only career jobs place a value on the first.

Yesterday we stopped in Bend, OR for lunch at Ben's favorite restaurant, McDonald's. I was shocked and pleasantly surprised to see this sign prominently displayed in the lobby.

My parents gave us money for good grades ($1 per A, $0.50 per B). The potential reward was never mentioned throughout the school year. Report card day would just arrive with it's windfall... or not, depending on how hard we had applied ourselves. My sister and I heard the lesson loud and clear.

Work hard. Apply yourself. You will ultimately be rewarded.

Life is simple like that.

I am proud of the Bend McDonald's for rewarding their young employees for good grades and work ethic. Keep up the good work!

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