Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ten Thousand Words

I am a baaaaaaad blogger. I have neglected my blog in favor of other blogs, work, friends, family and miscellaneous recreating. Well, it is summer after all.

I did get a highly anticipated new camera. It is my Stimulus Camera (bought with my gov't stimulus check) and I love it - even if I don't know how to work it very well yet. So in honor of my new favorite toy I offer you a pictorial diary of the past 11 days.

Go ahead. Get some popcorn. I'll wait.

12 JULY 2008

First, our new kitty I told you about, Razzmataz. We got her on a Thursday evening.

On Saturday afternoon D was opening and closing the door like he likes to do (a lot) and she got out. I didn't want to spook her by trying to chase her down so I just let her check things out. I was pretty certain she'd come home. And she did. Just before dark. Unfortunately, our other cat met her at the property line and laid down the law. Apparently, we are now, and shall forever be, a one cat family.

I have seen Razzmataz around the neighborhood. She looks well fed and happy but scrams at the merest sight of me. D, of course, speaks of her as if she has never left.

18 JULY 2008

I spent an hour trying to get to know my new camera. This is Morro Rock from the bay by my house.

19 JULY 2008

And this is the same evening, from across the estuary. I used the warm color setting. What a difference!
This is Daddy-O and I at my friend Raj's wedding. Doesn't he look hot? Well, I thought so, anyway. Except for the part where any food that came within 2 feet of him jumped onto his shirt, he was completely sexy all night. If you look closely in the picture I am using my boobs to hide his stains - and the bride & groom hadn't even arrived at the reception yet!!!

It was a wonderful wedding. Even though I had to sneak in while everyone was standing for Mindy to walk down the aisle... Daddy-O might have made it for the vows, I'm not sure. He had to park the car. I made up for the extra stress of being late (I hate that) by drinking happily at the reception. The perfect evening weather, beautiful beach and all the wedding cake and beverages elicited promises of car sex for Daddy-O on the way home.
Unfortunately, Daddy-O was a bit anxious to leave and it was still light. This is the view from the lookout above Pirate's Cove (our local nudist beach). We were here looking for a parking spot. HINT: Pirate's Cove is not a good spot for ahem. It is an incredibly busy location.

So we called around and went to the B&B around the corner from our house. There is nothing like a MIL at home to ruin a good rowdy round of wedding sex.

20 JULY 2008

The next day we did a little parking of a different kind.

21-24 JULY 2008

Work. Last week of preschool. More work. Blah, blah, blah. Such an interference with real life.

25 JULY 2008

Last night Daddy-O, D and I went to the Mid-State Fair. We had a blast & didn't get home until after midnight. Steely Dan was playing on the main grandstand. Watching all the kids run around the carnival brought back so many memories of high school. It was a great night.

26 JULY 2008

Today was a beach day with my ILs. The day could not have been more perfect. Warm with just enough of a breeze to keep it nice - but not sandblast us.

I thought I looked soooooooo much better in this suit. I may just throw it away now. I bought it 30 pounds ago. To my horror, I am now wondering just how awful I must have looked in it then. Gah!

This picture just makes me smile. D is a gem. How could you ever be sad or grumpy with that smiley face around. I love him too much.

And that is that.


Sarah S. said...

Love all the pictures! D is such a cutie. It looks like he loves the beach. I think you look great! So happy. It looks so beautiful were you live.

sarah said...

wow - THAT"S what you can do with a brand new camera you can't work yet?! gorgeous photos Stella! Can't wait to see more...