Saturday, July 5, 2008

Punk Rock Mommy - In Memorium

I have nothing really to say. Andrea is gone. She passed away this morning from complications stemming from Inflammatory Breast Cancer, with her family close by her side. She has left us with some parting words of wisdom, however.

I didn’t know Andrea except through her blog. It doesn’t matter, though. I still sit here posting through my tears at the untimely departure of a sister and friend. Her writing was honest and raw. Full of grace and praise when there could easily have been rancor and spite. She made me, in the words of Jack Nicholson, want to be a better person.

Say a special prayer tonight for our friend Andrea, Punk Rock Mommy, and her family. The blogosphere has dimmed a bit with her passing.

Good-bye, Andrea, until we meet in Heaven.


Rock and Roll Mama said...

She will be missed, and she made me want to be a better person too. I didn't know her in real life, but she changed me as a mom. Thanks for your beautiful tribute.

Sienna said...

Hello, thank you for posting a comment to my site, because I found your wonderful site which then led me to motherswithcancer and Andrea's site. I read Andrea's site which is immensely sad but also powerful. I am amazed at the tight and supportive community people are forming with each other and I'm planning to share these things with my sister-in-law who will appreciate it very much. Thanks again and God bless!