Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ballgame or Bust

I believe D may be heading into yet another obsession. He still has yet to give up his fascination with pretending to be in a vehicle (car, bus, truck or motorcycle) with his seatbelt on (any belt or length of cord will do) driving to the DMV or, most recently, a baseball game. However, he has insisted on listening to baseball games in the car for 2 weeks in a row and has demanded we watch the baseball video I made of B's team over and over again.

He has to listen to the video before he goes to bed each night - that's 5 nights running now. And yesterday he watched/listened to it at least 8 or 9 times in a row. It is a 17 minute video. I can't do that kind of math on the weekends but I know it was a lot of minutes of my life I will never get back again. I suspect I'll lose a lot more before it's over, too. It's a nice video if I do say so myself. Even if none of the team could make it work in their DVD players or their computers. Stupid software. Why it works in both of ours I'll never know. There is a soundtrack and everything: Take Me Out To The Ballgame, Centerfield, etc. It's pretty cool. I'm sick of it.

A good thing did come of it though. I did catch D singing this really great song this morning.

His ability to remember all the words to most any song after hearing it a few times always astounds me. I guess most kids do this but B never did. I'm still not sure he knows any songs all the way through. He was just never very musical that way (but he does wail on the harmonica). So it's not like I think D's a child prodigy or anything... he just amazes me. And, well, I guess that's what it's really all about.

If I read my kid right, he will be all about baseball 24/7 within the next week or so and taking the couch or chair to the DMV will be a thing of the past. I might actually miss this one. It was pretty easy to just bring a belt with me anywhere I went. What am I going to do once baseball season ends? Hmmm. Perhaps I should make use of my TiVo while the gettin's good.

An interesting little addendum to the video story... After he finished singing I started to replay the video for him. What kid doesn't love to hear his own voice? Holy Guacamole! He lost his sh!t! Completely freaked out! He started sobbing and yelling "No, no. I don't want that." But he seemed genuinely distressed. Makes me wonder what he's thinking. Like someone stole his voice or something. Evil video elves, maybe. Huh.


Sarah S. said...

Oh my gosh he is so cute! And what a singer. At least it is not Barney huh?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely adorable. I had 2nd graders that couldn't remember all the words to that song. :)

Imstell said...

Aw. Thanks. It was almost as easy to clean house the that as it was to Elvis (that was cleaning day music when I grew up). ;-)

Karen said...

How good is that! I love the way he is keeping rythm too.

Michele said...

this clip made my day =)

lahdeedah said...

That boy is just plain adorable. And gorgeous. And, good grief, he's got good pitch (no pun intended).