Monday, June 9, 2008

Things that made me cry or almost cry this morning

This article in our paper. I don't really know why. I read it and thought it was very touching. So much so that I read it out loud to Daddy-O and B. Ha! That was the kiss of death.

I got to just about the words "laid his head" and the water works started. See if you don't understand after you read it yourself.

Well? Want a tissue? No? I guess I'm just sentimental that way. B asked if I knew them. Wasn't I embarrassed to tell him no.


In the "I didn't cry but should I?" department:

B was interviewing Daddy-O in preparation for his class Share Your Father Day tomorrow. One of the questions was: If you had three wishes what would they be? My ears perked up oh, so expectantly for Daddy-O's answers.

Wish #1: "Hmmm. To be healthy."

Wish #2: "Should it be for D to see or for us to have a bigger house?" Daddy-O asks. B points out that D is quite fine just as he is. (points for B) But Daddy-O notes that he would be even better if he could see so "no blindness it is."

Wish #3: "My last wish. Some where, some how to have a large garage or workshop all to myself."

Notice that nowhere in there is a wish that I don't get sick again. At least I noticed. And I said something too. To Daddy-O's credit he stumbled a bit over his words, hemmed and hawed. And then said one of the sweetest things he's said in recent history. "Well, I guess I just don't think of you as sick anymore."

Just like always, a woman's self-image is her own worst enemy.


Oh yeah. I almost forgot. We're launching today over at Mothers With Cancer. Go check out the new diggs.


whymommy said...

Wow. I want that. Awesome.

Three cheers for Daddy-o and his positive perspective!

sarah said...

Well, I would venture to say that your illness at least makes him aware that health is #1. Most people take it for granted, so I give him points that way to. Well, 1/2 a point :-)

I could cry at the elderly couple story as well. How both sad and happy all at once (that they lives so long together, still loved each other and had each other the whole time.) What a nice story for a girl about to be married too!

Sarah S. said...

I can't wait until that day comes for me. It is so great that he didn't even think about you being sick.
The article made me cry. What a wonderful life they must have had. Everyone deserves love like that once in their life.