Sunday, June 29, 2008

Statistically speaking

Every once in a while I like to check out my blog stats. It's really quite interesting. I don't really know how to do anything productive with them... like knowing who is who from their IP address or anything. I've tried keeping track & thinking this IP address or that is probably this certain poster or my blogosphere friend from Manchester.

I'm never right.

I've finally given up. But it is still fun to poke around in the Keyword Analysis section of the StatCounter.

Things I have learned from my blog stats:

  • 34% of the keyword searches that lead here have to do with underarms and lead them to this post.
  • An amazing number of people are Googling "stinky underarm" for reasons I am quite afraid to know. And worse, I am the second link that comes up in that search. Eeeew!
  • There is apparently a rash of "underarm razor burn" in the greater Internet... and the surfers/sufferers are searching for answers. Note to misguided razor burn sufferers: I am sorry I had no answers for you. Try baby powder or a new razor.
  • Some freaky guy (I think/hope it's a guy) spent an afternoon searching for "generous nipple pictures" and kept coming up with this post only to find my memories of Diana. Serves him right.
  • Two very patient individuals made it all the way to Google search page 13 (!) before finding this post on "Disneyland Dad". Extreme boredom or desperation? You be the judge.
  • Travelers need to know what they can pack in their carry ons. "toiletries travel 100ml". "Can hair mousse go in checked luggage?" Wouldn't you just go straight to the airline's website? I'm just saying.
  • And some poor soul out there "cannot live with my mom anymore." Not my mom... theirs.
There seems to be some fairly inefficient Googling going on out there. Kind of makes me wonder what my own random searches are doing to someone else's stats...

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lahdeedah said...

Too funny! And weird :) One of my top searches is for "boobie cupcakes." I'm sure the searchers are as confused as hell with my post. And a little disappointed.