Sunday, March 2, 2008

No vitamin C for me, thank you

It's funny the things you learn from you blog statistics... For instance, through someone's search (thank you whoever you are) I've learned that 3 cases of IBC were diagnosed within 10 months among 24 co-workers. Bizarre!

But it sent me to a website I'd never been to before that had some great information. And a little video too. I followed a link to the IBC Research Foundation.

What I found really intriguing, however, was a couple of research articles I found there. They are on natural products that inhibit cancer growth and some that are known to encourage cancer growth.

I am disturbed to find glucosamine (which I take religiously), licorice (there went my recent addiction to Good N Plenty's), soy, vitamin C, vitamin E, and flaxseed (and I was JUST going to start taking that to be healthier) on the list of things known to grow cancer cells. Yikes!!!

On the other hand... it was found that "in vitro studies of components of marijuana indicate a potential to inhibit human breast cancer cells and produce tumor eradications." Oh, say it ain't so! Ha! First it helps with nausea now it inhibits growth of cancer cells... What's next? World peace and global munchies???

I jest. But the information seems valid and very interesting. Check it out.

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