Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I love an outing!

Having kids is wonderful. They are little versions of ourselves with all of our best and worst traits magnified 1000x. This very quality makes us love them beyond comprehension - so much that we could just squish them from the sheer intensity of that love. And also, just makes us want to SQUASH them on general principle. It's a conundrum to be sure.

But here's a well-kept secret. You know what one of the best reasons to have children is? You get to relive your own childhood. Not the bad parts, either, like eating your vegetables or going to bed early... but the cool parts. Things like Easter Baskets & Valentines Cards with scribbly writing (and one from that special girl with a small stash of extra Xs & Os that no one else in the class got). And also, birthday parties. How awesome are those??? Plus, school field trips. Yeah! Those were great!

Well, I get to go on B's class field trip next week. I'm fairly giddy with anticipation. Of course I have to drive. I don't get to ride on the school bus. Dang! But still. Dude, we're going to the Scitechatorium!!! I don't even know what that is, but I know with that kind of name it has got to be one fantastic place.

I did look it up... look at a quick list of things we will see and do:
  • See an Anaconda skin that is over 22 feet long !!!
  • Hold a 65 million year-old dinosaur bone
  • Get "electrified" by a Van de Graff generator
  • Touch a meteorite from outer space Neat!
  • See a rock that will float in water No Way!
  • get VERY close to your favorite snake or tarantula Uh, I'll pass on that one, thanx!
  • Feel the sharpness of a Piranha's teeth
  • Take a walking stick for a walk
  • Compare the size of your teeth with the teeth of a T-rex
  • Put your head in a shark's jaw Cool!
  • Exercise a 10-inch millipede...on your arm Maybe...
  • Handle a piece of tile from the NASA space shuttle
  • "Talk" through a laser

Squee! How much fun is this going to be??????

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