Friday, November 2, 2007

A few of my favorite things

Today I'm feeling a bit like Oprah. A bit Opresque? A bit Oprish? A bit Opradaisical? At any rate...

I am feeling the urge to share with the blogosphere a few of my favorite things.

Disclaimer: there will be no hidden party favors under your keyboards after reading this blog.

Favorite Things (in no particular order except as how they occur to me):
  • Dream Dinners Yummy, scrumptious food that is already pre-thought up for me! How can you not love that? Plus, while I attend food prep sessions with my girlfriends we can drink free wine, eat free hors d'ourves and generally avoid the drudgery of mom-ness for a few hours while fixing a months worth of main dishes. Amen, Sister! Dream Dinners, you're the next best thing to having my own damn wife.
  • Reach CleanPaste. It's a thick, tie-dyed looking dental floss with toothpaste built in. Yummy. Plus, it gives you a nice infusion of minty freshness throughout the day. Mmmmm.
  • I've said it before and I'll say it again... TiVo. TiVo. By all that's holy, TiVo.
  • Tide to Go Because I can't seem to stay neat and clean no matter how hard I try.
  • because I am addicted to internet shopping and I can always check prices and customer reviews on amazon before I buy (if I buy) elsewhere.
  • Applebees Carside To Go. I know Applebees is persona non grata with the whole breastfeeding community but when you live in a town without drivethru windows in their fast food restaurants and you have two children anyone who offers food - REAL food that you can eat with a fork and knife - which is brought to your very own car (and if you play your cards right even comes with a dessert that will leave you floating down from the ceiling like Precious Pupp after eating one of his sweets), well, they are on my Christmas list for sure.
  • Big Bang Theory on CBS. Oh, my Lord. This show is so freakin' funny. It's so funny I'm sure it won't be picked up again next year. Daddy-O and I have decided that we share our sense of humor with the minority of the US. Like last year, we watched The Class all year long, loved it & it was canceled. Anyway, Big Bang Theory is the perfect combination of high brow and low brow humor. I love a good comedy yet I rarely laugh out loud when watching TV. Yet I continually find laughter bursting forth uncontrollably. If you watch it once you will be hooked. But, apparently we're comedy geeks so take it for what it is.
  • Projection Clock aka The Bat Signal. I was so tired of listening to Daddy-O complaining about how he couldn't see the clock because it was on my side of the bed. Yet if we put it on his side of the bed he just slept through the alarm and I would have to climb over him to turn it off. Now, the Bat Signal shines on the ceiling simultaneously showing us the time without the need to move a muscle or turn our heads and acting as a night light for the occasional midnight trip to the kids room/bathroom.
Well, that's probably enough of a list for today. Have a happy weekend.


Kim said...

Good list, Stella. And we love Big Bang Theory, too. It's really funny and I hope it doesn't get canceled!!

Sherry said...

This was "oprahlicious"!!!