Friday, August 17, 2007

Dear Lymph Node, I appologize for any misunderstanding

After much poking and prodding, my primary care doctor believes that I have a pissed off lymph node(s). It might be a bit infected or inflamed or just annoyed with the world in general. He says the odds of it being cancer that has jumped from one side of my body to the other is very, very remote - tho, he is quick to inform that it is NOT unheard of. Also, just as I suspected, the pain is a symptom in my favor. It is far more likely that an inflamed something or other is causing me pain rather than cancer, which usually begins to hurt in it's more advanced stages.

So, officially, I've been told to stay off my armpit for the remainder of the weekend, apply heat, and take an anti-inflammatory as needed. Also, he called in a RX for antibiotics that I am to fill if the pain increases by, say, 25% in the next 4-5 days. On Monday, I am to call both he and my oncologist's office to give updates. While he won't rule out the possibility of a recurrence (who in their right mind would with my history), he thought it highly unlikely. More probable was that I was a cancer survivor with a ticked off lymph node.

In hindsight, the only lymph node offending action I may have taken in the last few days is the wearing of my first underwire bra since my mastectomy/reconstruction. In my defense, however, it was very adorable... and lavender.


Kim said...

Stella, I was very relieved to read this post. Pissed off lymph node? No problem. If your lymph node can't handle cute lingerie, then who needs it? Stay off your armpit this weekend, and tell it to relax already!

canape said...

Whew. That is all. Just Whew.

Whymommy said...

Good, good, good. Any news today?

Imstell said...

WhyMommy - No pain today... tho my pit hurt like the dickens after everyone had a poke at it. ;-) I need to call the docs and relieve their minds too. I'm a bad patient. Follow thru was never my strong suit.