Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Jiggity, Jig

So here is the much awaited post-vacation post.

Ahh. We had so. much. Fun. That's with a capital "f" there, folks. Also, lots of work. Plus some more fun. And there was water. And some flies. And mosquitos. And Family. Also with a capital "f"... but the good kind. Did I mention the work part? There was lots of that. Parties for 120 people don't just throw themselves ya know.
So here's the history 'cuz I'm just realizing I didn't tell you anything, really. So. My mom turned 60 on Monday. This is my mom.

She's awesome. She is also a breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed 5 months after me with, what I like to refer to as, the garden-variety breast cancer most women get around her age (we're both positive for the BRCA 2 mutation). Not to sound dismissive or imply that it's any less scary/life threatening, it's just not the breast-cancer-on-steroids that I managed to attract. Three months prior to her diagnosis her boyfriend of 22 years passed away after an extended illness and hospice care. I tell you this only to set the stage for how well deserved and looked forward to this birthday bash has been.

Her big request of the family (other than they be there) was that we go rafting down the Sacramento River the day before the party. She'd always wanted to and had never done it.

So we did. And what a blast it was! First, let me say that we did not bring enough beer. Also, I don't know why we spent so much time paddling... the river was actually flowing the very same way we wanted to go. And it's much stronger than us and does not get blisters.

See Daddy-O paddle very hard because he is man and he is steering the raft (lest we run straight into the bridge piling just like the other raft carrying the less capable members of the family)

And this fine looking couple are my grandparents. They got to ride for free. No paddling for them. Humph.

Well, sort of for free. The did get a big fat snootful of the river right off the bat from B's big ol' blasting Water Cannon!

We did the evening trip because it would be cooler. Good choice! Plus the river was simply beautiful!

The very next day we had a big fat party with tons of people and we roasted a poor little pig. Here's what he looked like before we roasted him. Please don't look if you're faint of heart.

And here's what he looked like when he was all crispy brown and ready to eat. Mmmmmm.

Mom liked the shirt I made her. I tried to order it from the Save the Ta-Tas site but they didn't make it in her size. Sorry for the thieving, Ta-ta Savers. I'll buy extra shirts for myself just to make up for it.

But most of all. All her friends and family turned out to wish her happy birthday AND MANY, MANY MORE. And that's what really counts. Well, that and the $1800 everyone gave her towards a cruise to Alaska... that counts just a little too.


Gretchen said...

What a great time it looks like your family had! Also, love the matching grandparent glasses, as I like to call them, that your grandparents are wearing. Very cool that they are so adventurous to take on "the delta" hehe!!

WhyMommy said...

Your Mom looks like SO MUCH fun! Actually, your whole family does. Sounds like a blast!