Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Gooooooo Team!!!

You know, the whole time I was going thru my cancer treatments, all the carefully restricted research I did on the internet didn't get me a single young woman currently undergoing treatment for Inflammatory Breast Cancer. I found the IBC Support site that had wonderful patient stories. Stories that made me feel not so alone and gave me great hope. But none of the posts were recent. I was, frankly, afraid to wonder why there were no current posts... afraid to wonder where those women are today.

I found other sites that had bulletin boards of women currently undergoing breast cancer treatment - none with IBC, but still. I tried to post there but found the women to be pretty negative as a whole and certainly didn't need any more of THAT in my life when I was struggling day to day to stay positive. I felt very alone in my little IBC corner of the world knowing that the general breast cancer statistics didn't apply to me and my Over-Achieving Breast Cancer.

Now, I'm 8 1/2 months beyond treatment. A survivor, so to speak. And I am very conflicted for having found a young mother begining treatment for IBC. WhyMommy from Toddler Planet has just been diagnosed with IBC. She has two boys, a 5 month old a 2 1/2 year old. She needs everyone's support and prayers for healing and strength right now. If you want to lend support to WhyMommy and her family visit Canape and join Team WhyMommy!


canape said...

It does seem like a lonely thing, IBC, that is. On the one hand, you don't want to find anyone else with it, but on the other hand, it would be nice to not be so "unique" I would think.

Thank you for sharing. Thank you for supporting.

Imstell said...

Canape, You are absolutely right. I spent my life reveling in my uniqueness only to have it bite me in the proverbial ass. Add to that, and here is my small bit o' bitterness, so many women are surviving breast cancer nowadays that those of us with IBC kind of get the ole "Hey! You'll do fine. Sixteen other women I know have survived 20+ years!" When in reality, IBC defies all the odds. After a very abbreviated internet research session I realized I didn't want to know the odds of survival for IBC. And even without knowing the odds I have a 90% reoccurance risk. *sigh* I do love a challenge, tho. Thank YOU for supporting.

Law said...

Just found your blog via WhyMommy's site. I am also a (relatively) young breast cancer patient. (I'm 41.) I was just diagnosed in May, I have 3 kids, and every time I go to the oncologist's office I feel very young. Normally that would be a good thing. Now it just scares me. (I'm blogging about it at www.lawmom.net.)

WhyMommy said...

Imstell, I wish I'd found your site earlier too. I am SO thrilled that you've beat this thing. I know it's scary. It is. But thanks for finding me and saying hi. You are an inspiration.

If you ever need me, I will be there for you. Just say the word.