Monday, July 23, 2007

And the award goes to...

Awww. WhyMommy thinks I rock. And just for yappin' my trap and talking about me. Me. Me. Me. Always Me. Well, and my kids, and Norrie's Disease and life and that damn Inflammatory Breast Cancer that sneaks up on you when you're just trying to be the best Mama Milk Cow you can be. IBC is the chameleon of the breast cancer world. It masquerades as mastitis or engorged breasts from weaning. It's cancer tissue on Polyjuice Potion - pretending to be a normal breast. (I can work a Harry Potter reference into any conversation. Ha!) Ahh. But I digress, because WhyMommy thinks I rock she gave my this lovely little piece of bling.

Have you ever seen anything so pretty and pink? I might wear it all day long. Do you think I could make earrings out of it? Perhaps a necklace would be better? One of those little dogtaggy like things.

So I get to pass this on to five of my favorite Rockin' Girl Bloggers. Wow. The sheer power. Hmmm.
Well, first I will go with Bossy because I want to be her when I grow up. OK. You caught me. I don't really want to be her... I just want to be her BiFF. The i is for internet in case I was too subtle for you. Bah. Bossy is the quirky laugh in my each and every day. I heart her third person little self. Bossy, please take your bling.
Next I must cheat and choose the same rockin' Chickie twice. Kristin of Mominatrix and Motherhood Uncensored touches the deepest truths of mommyhood without pulling any punches. Bling-A-Ling.
And Kim at LawMom who is doing the unthinkable. Somehow she is managing children, law school AND chemotherapy all at the same time!!! Holy multi-tasking, Batman! Oragami that bling into a crown and wear it all day, Kim.
And finally, Amalah. Because she was the very, very first Rockin' Girl Blogger I ever read. And she cracks me up every day. Plus she has the cutest son ever! Amalah, like you need more bling... but here it is anyway.
Smooches to all of you. You make my days lighter.


Law said...

Thanks so much for the award, Stella. You made my day. I love it and hope to have time to make note of it on my blog soon...after finals and chemo. :) And thanks for your offer of the red wig. (I've been searching for your e-mail address to send a thank you but I can't find it due to a glitch on my blog!)I tried on several shades of red wigs last week because I have always wanted red hair. It turns out that I look awful as a red head! Good thing I found that out before I attempted to dye my hair red permanently. :)

BOSSY said...

Bossy is honored by your award. She is going to keep it polished and it will live on her bedside table. Even though she doesn't have a bedside table. She will buy a bedside table. THERE - are you happy?


Motherhood Uncensored said...

Thank you soooo much. I'm speaking for MU and Mominatrix.

She smacks your ass in gratitude.