Wednesday, June 6, 2007

New Kingdoms, obsessions and thrones

When we moved into our house eight years ago (next weekend) this bathroom was in sorry, sorry shape. There were shower tiles held up by scotch tape. The shower door was crusted open about a foot & a half by hard water deposits. Because it couldn't be opened or closed there was water damage to the wall outside the shower. There was some sort of funky faux finish on the vanity that looked suspiciously like a paint thinner accident. And there was carpet on the floor. Eeeewww! It was, by far, the worst room in a neglected and dated house. As such, was virtually the last room remodeled. Only the master bath remains...

Now it's beautiful. Quite spa-like (if you're trying to fit a spa into a coat closet). All we need now is the glass wall and door so we can shower... and M can get the hell out of my bathroom.

I can't wait to have the old bath all to myself! Oh, the luxury of a dry counter top when I lean over to rinse my mouth. The storage space... the lack of tiny shaving shrapnel all over the sink. No toothbrush and paste in the shower. In short, a room with a locking door to call my own.

Balls revisited. We have given D a pit for his balls. He's discovered that the pit (pool) is mobile. Now we have a whole other ball issue in the house...

This just in: D has pooped on the potty 2.5 times now. See the precarious perch on giant adult-sized toilet? Is there anything cuter than a little naked boy sitting on a potty ("poo-tah", as D calls it)? Little does he know that this is the begining of a life-long man/toilet bond which cannot be severed. He will spend much of his quality reading time in this very spot. He will love this spot. This will be his throne. Judging from his smile... I think he sees the future and it is good.

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J said...

OMG...could that picture be any cuter!!! And you are so right...there is nothing sweeter than your little munchkin perched naked on that big ole' poo-tah!!! LOVE it!